Happy birthday my Sarcastic Equal.

I’ve known you for a year and I’ve never met anyone more spoilt, rude, frank, bold, confident and Labad-er (if that’s how you’d say it) than you.

In fact, I’d even honour you by calling you my SARCASTIC EQUAL and that’s an honour I haven’t given anyone before. You’re the only one I trust with my literature because I know you’ll always give me an honest answer. And no matter how many calls I don’t pick up or messages you don’t reply to, we both know we’re always gonna be there for the other no matter what.

So LABAD, thanks for being there and you’d better be there always ahead as well or I’ll come and poke you dead. Hope you never change and remain the true unique weirdo you are.

Wishing you a Happy 20th Oldie and hoping that as your age increases, you lose the little shreds of maturity you sometimes reveal and the wisdom that you’ve obviously gained from me.

Now go cry a river over this deep, emotional, heart-wrenching post I dedicate to you.

Love you loads,

❤❤ your LABAD.


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