The One Where I Walk 14 km and Survive


So we went for this trek today to Lohagad Fort. And I realised that I had made the worst decision of my life.

Now don’t get me wrong, the trek was great and the weather was great but then again, I’m lazy as f and have stamina in negative numbers (if there is a scale for measuring that).

We started out at 6 in the morning so I had to get up at 4:30 when I slept at 1. So yes, I had a perfectly good excuse for looking drunk, hungover and high.

We arrived at Lohagad Fort, a sort-of hill station, at 11. Amazing weather. I felt really great and confident. Until I looked up and saw the distance we were to cover. Then I was ready to turn around and run back home.

Anyway, we started the ardenous task of ascending the hill, and I tire in 4 minutes 23 seconds. Yes I counted. And the fact that that 4 minutes 23 seconds was more than I had expected from myself just shows how fit I exactly am.

Major shoutout to my besties who came along, dragged me up, threatened to leave me to die, encouraged me and somehow managed to do the impossible-get me to the top of the hill.

The view was indeed breathtaking, and even though I know I didn’t realise it at the time, it was worth all the cursing and repenting.

To sit on the top of a fort, look from 3819 metres above sea level, see greenery and lush nature as far as the eyes can see, and a giant vast pristine lake on one side, with the surrounding hills partyly hidden by white and grey clouds, to experience the rush of having achieved something you thought impossible (albeit my friends helped immensely), to feel the cool pure breeze brush against your face, it was indeed worth waking up hungover, crying in despair on seing the height and falling and embarrassing myself along the way.

Given a choice, I would definitely NOT do it again, not only to not inconvenience other people, but also because I know I’ll not be able to. There may be a day when I can, and I will, but today’s not the day and nor will it be in a month.

This trek helped me realise how lucky I am, to have such amazing friends, have an opportunity to do such wicked stuff and live to tell the tale.





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