The One with The Results

So ICSE results came out recently.
And there went my Facebook wall, buried under congratulatory messages from relatives you might have never even heard of, acting like it was the single most accomplished deed the person might have ever done.
Don’t get me wrong, 10th boards are no laughing matter, but do tell me the importance and significance it has in your later life, apart from the few weeks your parents will spend boasting about it to the neighbours.

It has been 4 years since I gave the 10th boards, and there was a deep sense of nostalgia when I saw all those posts.
The nerve wrecks before every paper, abusing the paper setter with friends after every paper, and the last day,  staring at that yellow, old brick building, wondering how 10 years even managed to pass by.
I entered school as a gawky, shy 6 year old, with no idea what the world was made up of, and I left it, 10 years later, taller, smarter, with a few select friends, but still with no idea what the world was made up of.

Remember when we left school? Remember all those aims we had? We wanted to become doctors, engineers, astronauts, artists. We wanted to conquer the world. Somewhere along the way, each one of us lost that spark, got disillusioned, that enthusiasm just went away. I speak for myself, of course, and the general public I know of. If you still possess that spark to achieve something great in life, to conquer the world, then congratulations, you are abnormal and totally on the right path.
Today, 4 years later, and how many ever years it may be for you, reader, let us try to get that spark back. Let us try to remember why we wanted to change the world. Why did we start doing what we are doing today. Maybe 15 year old us had no idea how cruel the real world could be, but 15 year old us did have the determination to make it through no matter what. Let us try to look at life from that angle again, reignite the spark that we let the world blow out.

This isn’t one of my normal sarcastic funny posts, but sometimes, my mind just tends to wander along serious paths before it gets bored and scared and resorts to dim witted humour again.
Until next time, when the brain is back to acting funny,



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