The One with the Wishful Thinking

With CBSE results out today, it also reminds me of another phenomena related to results, choosing a career. Until 2 months ago, we needed to ask permission to even go to the loo, and now all of a sudden we’re supposed to be mature enough to make life decisions? And this isn’t one of those decisions where a mistake can be corrected. A wrong career choice will mean atleast 2 years of torturous hell before you realise your mistake. And this isn’t your choice alone, because although you would like it to be, friends and family and long lost cousins, they will all give you advice. So how, under such pressure, is a person supposed to make a sensible decision?
This is where my mind wanders off track and I started thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful if a person wouldn’t age until they found their perfect career ? I mean, do all the regular high school stuff and studies and everything and then, remain 17 until you find the career you were made for.
(17 because it’s when most people graduate high school, and it’s also the age when you come of age in the wizarding world.)
Do you realise the possibilities this opens up? You could do everything in the world that you like, and you would have all the time in the world. Want to write a book? Take a year to do that. Still 17? Go ahead, bake a cake, open a bakery. Still 17? Try swimming. Still 17? Let’s go to the end of the world. Start a blog. Create an app. Help out at an NGO. Become a doctor. Or a lawyer. Everything you wanted to learn, and all the time in the world. And even if you find your utopian career in the first try, no harm, because most people would try the thing they love best first, and it would be great to have a career that you love.
Yes, you wonder, what if you kept on trying, and nothing made you age. Would you become an immortal? Well I believe that everyone is good at something, and in 17 years, you would have atleast a basic idea of what you would want your career to be.
I wish this was real, because I would give anything to be 17 again, and have all the million choices and make the correct one, and be under no pressure, take all the time I need.
But for those of you who don’t, those of you who have to select a career, just remember, of all the advice you’ll get, of all the millions of phone calls you’ll make and receive, no one will tell you that this decision? You’re the one who’s gonna have to live with it for the rest of your life. People will come and go, and they may criticise or mock you for your choice, but if YOU are happy, that’s all you’ll need. So let everyone else go to hell, or Heaven if you’re feeling merciful, and select a career in something that you could actually see yourself doing for the rest of your life. Alone, maybe broke, maybe away from your friends, family, but this career, as long as you had it, you would be happy. It doesn’t have to be noble, or make a difference to the world, then again if you choose correctly, you WILL make a difference to the world.
They say choose what you’re best at. I say choose something that you WANT to be the best at.



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