The One with The Last Exam

28 days of mental and physical torture later, exams have finally ended.
It is that blessed time of the year when I only have to listen to my parents grumble about how I’m wasting away life once a day.

Anyway, as liberating as it sounds, the last exam is what I believe is the toughest one there is.
Coupled with definitely being a subject you hate, and underestimate, it also rolls around when your brain has made up its mind to focus on the upcoming vacation, blatantly skipping the fact that you still have an exam to give.
With the disastrous result that you end up giving a really bad exam, and not caring about it.

So here’s how I prepared-, tried to prepare for my last exam.

T-72 hours:
Okay. Ellie I know holidays are almost here. But one last paper is left. Focus, okay. We’ll make up for that one (five) bad papers by studying for this one. Only 8 chapters anyway. And this is the easiest. We got this.

T-48 hours:
Okay we are definitely going for a week-long vacation this hols. I don’t care where. Oooh, Bangkok. Maybe Bali? Or Singapore. Malaysia maybe.

T-36 hours:
Okay, Jo aukaat se papers likhe hai na, usi me rehte hai. International chodo, Lonavla baap hai.
(Given the way we’ve written the papers, forget going international. Lonavla is the best).

T-24 hours:
Okay, Ellie, 8 chapters left okay. Anyway this is the easiest one. Let’s do this.
Chapter 1: Introduction. Oh forget this. Who even reads the introduction anyway.
Chapter 2: Dimensional Transformations
As we have seen in the introduction, wait what? No. No no no.
Great now I have to read a 30 page introduction to the subject.
After Chapter 1: Oh God that was tough. Time for a break. Ha to Lonavla. Who all will be coming? When do we go? Where do we stay? Time to spend the next 2 hours on the Internet.

T-16 hours:
Shit. That’s the time? Okay okay, 2 hours per chapter we can still finish this.
Chapter 2: Dimensional Transformations

T-12 hours:
5 pages into Dimensional Transformations.
Okay. Time to reduce the portion. Skip this one, let’s do this one, name too long, skipping this, okay only 3 more chapters to do.

T-8 hours:
10 pages into Dimensional Transformations.
When the hell and why the hell did I think this subject was easy? Anyway, last paper, let’s just pass, that’ll be enough now.
Ooh, we are also doing swimming, and art classes this holidays. And learn cooking. And guitar. And let’s write a book. And learn driving as well.
Wait, where do I go for art classes? Let me just Google that, won’t take a second.

T-6 hours:
On page 7 of Google search.
Okay, this one sounds good. What’s the time? WHAT?! I still have 3 chapters to do how do I get through this?! Let me just take a nap, start afresh later, all focused and determined.

T-2 hours:
That was a refreshing nap. Okay, 3 chapters to go. 30 minutes per chapter, and end with a quick revision. Peachy.

T-30 minutes:
I did not think that through. Anyway, we’ve done 3/8 chapters. We should manage to pass.

T-0 seconds:

10 minutes before the final bell rings:
Okay, 2 questions left. But it’s almost over. I can almost taste freedom. Okay, Lonavla is out, maybe we could go to movie. Conjuring 2? Me before you? Ooh, X-Men Apocalypse. Wait, Ellie, finish the paper. Focus. Dimensional Transformations. You did this. Okay, so write a short note on….no wait let’s go to Alice Through the Looking Glass.

After the exam ends:
Okay. I screwed up the first question definitely. And the second. And the third. And half of the fourth. So out of 4 question, I definitely have half of one correct. And five other bad papers as well. Great. Great work, Ellie. Screwed up another semester.
Oooh, but it’s over! Finally freedom. Let’s go see movie. And have a sleepover. And meet all my friends. Learn photography. And singing. Maybe dancing?

So that’s the entire ordeal of going through the final exam for me.
What about you?

P.S. Do tell me your vacation plans so I can add them to my ever-growing list.



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