The One with the Dog Meat?!


Being an ardent animal lover means having to brace yourself before you open the newspaper every day. Because every day there is some unfortunate event where an animal is tortured, or worse, killed.

Take for instance, the case of the horses in Matheran, who are continually overworked, being the only mode of transport there. Most of the horses used for transportation suffer from sores on their backs, are underfed, and abused.
Or even the case of the Victorian carriages in Mumbai, used only as a means of livelihood, which has long been under the radar for the ill-treatment of their horses.

But most appaling, is the Yulin festival, which started just a few days ago, in Yulin, China.
The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival is probably China’s most controversial festival, which now has a global community opposing it.

More than 10,000 dogs are expected to be slaughtered and eaten this year.
The Chinese argue that the festival has been an age-old custom, and hence, will not be abolished. Even after facing resistance from activists across the globe, and from their own people as well, the Chinese refuse to act humane.

Be it horses, or cows, or dogs, I believe they exist to serve a greater purpose than to be served as human food.
Sometimes, it is necessary to abandon customs and traditions that are inhumane and cause more harm than good.
This isn’t one of my usual posts, but since the dogs don’t have a voice, it is up to us to speak up for them.

Please go to the link below, sign the petition, and share it on social media to raise your voice against this awful practice.

Save Yulin Dogs

Every signature matters.



3 thoughts on “The One with the Dog Meat?!

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  1. There are dogs here that are also being shipped to over there to be eaten. Many come from shelters or pounds.
    And horses..I hear what goes on and it is very inhumane. The horror of words I have read about what all go on.
    It is a sad and bad world we live in when evil is allowed to exist.


  2. Over there…it doesn’t matter to them. Seriously.
    They eat anything and everything. Many they think that makes do I say this…. a aphrodisiac for sexualness…if you want to call it that.
    And really, I do not think it effects any of that.
    But that is their culture. And they have that here too.
    So does mexico. I saw a dog laid out on a oven door once. You could smell it. They ate it.
    I hate what society has become.
    Is there no love of anything anymore? Some yes, but the majority says no.
    People do not care. At least most.
    We can fight it, but then it goes on still, in a different place or way.
    I am greatly saddened by how animals are treated.
    Who really is the animal?


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