The One with the Cry.


Cry, oh sky, cry
Cry for sadness and for joy.
Cry as if you have not cried for a million years,
For there is purpose in your every tear.

Cry for the farmer who begs for your tears,
Whose land has waited for rain for a whole year,
Cry so he may have a bountiful crop.
And cry for the thirsty child who cherishes each drop.

Cry in fear every time a tree is felled,
Every time an animal is killed,
For its meat, bone or felt.
Cry for humanity, for it is at an end.
Cry every time man kills man.

Cry for wars man wages on man,
Cry for the people who lose their homes and lands.
Cry for the sanctuary that is lost,
Cry for the lives that it costs.

Cry for the man who has no will to live,
Cry for the person who has not learnt to give.
Cry for the child who has always been mistreated,
Cry for the woman who has never been respected.

Cry for joy when there is unity in the nation,
When they pray to one God for faith and good fortune,
And cry in pain when in the name of the same deity,
They kill and feel no remorse or culpability.

Cry for the eyes who have seen so much cruelty,
And fear and hatred and scorn and jealousy.
Cry for the heart that cries out for help,
Cry because no one who hears it stops to help.

Cry for those who cannot cry.
Cry for those who must smile in front of other’s eyes .
Cry for those who have no tears left for their own.
Cry for those who don’t have the comfort of crying alone.

Cry for the heart, every time it is broken,
And shed a tear of joy, every time, to someone else, it is given.
Cry for joy when a new life takes birth,
And when a heart that was broken learns, again, to love.

Cry for happiness, when a person believes in someone else.
Or more importantly, after thinking themselves defeated, believes in themselves.
Cry your tears and let us see nature grow,
Cry and show us that after every tear there can be a rainbow.

Cry, oh sky, cry
Cry for sadness and for joy.
Cry as if you have not cried for a million years,
For there is purpose in your every tear.

Disclaimer : This is my first attempt at writing poetry, and hence, I ask to be excused at the poor rhyme and vocabulary. I will try to improve, given that I ever write poetry again.

Positive criticism is always welcome.



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