The Cursed Child Review!


Like every Potterhead ever, the mere news of another book in the series made my eyes tear up and heart inflate to double it’s size. I felt love for Rowling like never before.
And then, after reading the book, my heart just came crashing down and broke into a million pieces.


There are many reasons why the Cursed Child will never be accepted by the fandom, and a few as to why it definitely classifies as a Rowling book. Or play if you want to be more specific. Here’s a few:


1. Black Hermione.
The problem(atleast for me) was never the fact that she is black. The problem is I watched 8 movies and made up fantasies and read books and imagined myself at Hogwarts and it was always with Emma Watson. If Hermione was intended to be a person of colour, maybe put it in the movies from the start rather than suddenly change character. The problem isn’t racism, it’s the sudden change of a character we still love and have always imagined with certain characteristics. Still, of course the fandom accepts black Hermione.

2. Harry is a bad dad?!
Harry Potter is supposed to be the cool dad. Someone who understands his kids without them needing to spell out their issues (yes, pun intended). And now all of a sudden, Harry, who consoled Albus on the platform, understood his son’s fears without him needing to tell him, suddenly, Harry can’t connect with him? Harry is the one who tells Albus he wishes Albus wasn’t his son? Now he’s the busy Ministry Official with no time for his family? I’m sorry but the Harry from the books would have understood the importance of a family and would never put MINISTRY work above family.

3. Ron runs a joke shop.
The idea of Ron running Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes with George certainly makes us happy. But the play portrays him as just that. A man who runs a joke shop and is funny at inappropriate times. None of his qualities of always being by Harry’s side, being dependable, being the grounded one when Harry is making rash decisions, are shown. He just appears as supporting cast, whereas we can all agree Ron Weasley is much more than that.

4. Albus and Scorpius are gay?!
There are too many dialogues in the play between Albus and Scorpius that hint towards a romantic relationship between the two, with both even accepting they need each other in their lives, but all hope ends when Scorpius asks Rose out in the end. If Hermione was made a woman of colour to represent the black community, why can’t Albus and Scorpius represent the LGBT community?

5. Draco is a widower.
Even though he was a jerk, every one agreed Draco changed towards the end, and deserved a happy ending. And then Rowling goes ahead and kills his wife. WHAT’S WITH ALL THE UNNECESSARY DEATHS ROWLING?! And as if that’s not enough, Draco is shown to once again be at loggerheads with Harry, something we thought wouldn’t happen again.

6. Lily and Hugo are invisible.
Even though the play spans four years and gives enough time for Lily and Hugo to join Hogwarts, there is no mention of them pretty much anywhere in it. We wanted to know about ALL the kid’s personalities, not just Albus, Scorpius and Rose. Even James doesn’t have more than a few mentions. Oh, and did Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley even exist?

7. There’s no classic Rowling humour.
The classic sarcasm, humour and jokes are missing, apart from a few one-liners from Ron. Fred and George’s absence is most conspicuous by the lack of family humour. Also, would a fun family dinner with the Weasleys and Potters poking fun at each other, all of them happy, been a too difficult scene to add in?

8. Voldemort has a daughter. With Bellatrix?!
Forgive me, but I could never see Voldemort as a mortal human, much less a father. And to think that he had a child with Bellatrix Lestrange, who he considered but a mere follower, someone who he never loved, and as we know, Voldemort never had the ability to love, to think he fathered a child? Um, no thank you.


1. The plot.
The plot is good, certainly unexpected, and has you clinging on to know what happens in the end. It is a bit confusing, with all the time travelling, you literally get lost in time, but overall, it is definitely a Rowling story.

2. The world.
It is always good to be back home. Hogwarts, the Ministry, the wizarding world is the same as it always was, the same eccentricities and the same quirks that we had come to establish with each institution. It was a joy to see McGonagall as Headmistress (although she did seem a tad bit more stern than necessary), Neville as Professor Longbottom, but one thing I would have loved was to see Fred’s ghost and Albus have a real chat. But overall, it felt good to disappear in those familiar corridors, meet our favourite people again, and walk the same halls as we had years ago.

3. Ginny Weasley.
While the movies completely missed out on the bold, confident, smart Ginny that Rowling wrote about, the play once again showed her as someone who would stand up for what was wrong, even if it meant standing up to Harry. She supported him and stood by his side, as we would always want her to, but at the same time she pointed out his mistakes, being the tough nut she always was.

4. The return of Snivellus.
Snape is shown talking to Albus, and is proud and touched to have been honoured that way. A lot of people feel Snape didn’t deserve to be remembered, given how he treated Harry, but I feel it is possible that since Voldemort was an accomplished Legilimens, Snape didn’t want to risk him knowing any affection he could feel for Harry. Also, it would be difficult, given how much he resembled the man who had taken away the love of his life. This could be a debatable point, with many arguing Snape did not deserve such respect, and I respect your opinion, whatever it may be. This is just mine.

So these are all the points I could think of, but personally I feel no matter what the review, every Potterhead must and will read The Cursed Child, simply because we have waited so long for closure, and waited so long to know what happens in the end.
Yes, it may not be the ending you want, you may end up hating yourself for reading it, but atleast you will now know, the plans Rowling finally had for the Trio.

Do let me know your thoughts and views,


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