What a Mumbai local stands for.


You can feel the wind as it whips through your hair
As the train speeds past Lower Parel
And in those moments you can see the world passing by
The speed of the train reflects the pace of your life
This is what a Mumbai local stands for.


The seats are made for three, but there is always a fourth
Be it from Churchgate or Vasai Road
A little bit of compromise and adjustment is needed everywhere
Be it in real life or in a train journey somewhere
This is what a Mumbai local stands for.


The routes span from CST to Bhayandar
Connecting one extreme of Mumbai to another
And so the city connects us across the globe
Be it America, Australia or Europe
This is what a Mumbai local stands for.


Hundreds wait on the platform to board
But the train arrives already bursting forth
Every one of the twelve compartments has people spilling out
Just like the city with its overpopulated routes
This is what a Mumbai local stands for.


There are two classes, first and general
Those red lines that separate the common people
Like those roads in the city where only the rich can house
While the poor are on streets sheltered by clouds
This is what a Mumbai local stands for.


Sometimes a person in the train may faint
Or a tear is shed out of grief or pain
Always there is a hand to catch the falling or wipe the tears
The city always helps those in need and soothes fears
This is what a Mumbai local stands for.


In all the morning crowds and chaos
Each person  is glued to their phones
Thrust together and yet so separate
Like the people in the city so disconnected
This is what a Mumbai local stands for.


The window views are blurred by the criss-crossed bars
Trapping the people inside the steel jars
Like life in the city that will always entrance
And of you leaving, spare no chance
This is what a Mumbai local stands for.


7/11/08, the blasts wrecked the city
Killed people and ripped apart families
Services resumed the same night at eleven
Like the city which rises no matter how many times it has fallen
This is what a Mumbai local stands for.


Without these steel cars, the city loses its pace
No other mode of transport can ever take its place
Just like the city, with a charm of its own
Has no replacement, so great its renown
This is what the Mumbai local stands for.


This one I dedicate to the Mumbai locals, yes I know they are not a person and will not be honored and flattered, but simply because without them, the city would definitely not be able to function everyday. Mumbai is a city with its own culture, its own language, and I have often found it mirrored in these locals which have become the city’s lifeline. So, here was the poem, and if you’ve read my previous one, then I hope you had no great hopes from me.

As always, criticism is welcome.

Until the next attempt,






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