A Day in the life of a College Student

So recently, we had a time management assignment given to us, for the subject Business Communications and Ethics.  How did it find its way in there? I have no idea either.

Anyway, the assignment required us to give a detailed description of how we spent every minute of every day. Now, of course I couldn’t really be realistic there, she would have torn the sheet and failed me, but this is pretty much how every college day of mine goes:

6 am: *Stop screaming at me from hell, Satan!* Oh. Realize it is the alarm clock.

6:05 am: Sit up in bed, ponder over my mundane existence.

6:10 am: Calculate attendance. Is it really important to attend the early morning lecture?

6:15 am: Realize attendance is bordering on 10%. Jump out of bed and rush to get that caffeine shot.

6:45 am: Already late, rush out of house, laces untied, pray I don’t trip and fall in front of a bus, only to realize I don’t really care.

7:00 am: Reach station. See train leave before my eyes. Cry.

7:15 am: Hang on for dear life in the next overflowing local. Only plus point is now I don’t need exercise for my arms. Although I just might have a panic attack.

8:00 am: Reach station, mercifully in one piece. Now run to get auto.

8:15 am: Reach college. Enter lecture as teacher gives me a stare fit to kill even Voldemort. Thankfully, sign attendance.

8:20 am: *When will this lecture end?!*

8:25 am: Use arms to support head from falling onto desk. Eyes have already closed.

8:30 – 9:00 am: The remaining lecture passes in a blurred stupor.

9:00 am: Breathe a sigh of relief as lecture ends.

9:01 am: Sigh turns to groan as next teacher walks in.

9:05 am: Doodle Picasso-worthy drawings on last page of notebook.

9:10 am: Hurriedly start taking notes; teacher has decided to come on a round.

9:30 am: Regret life decisions.

10:00 am: Lecture ends. No time to sigh in relief, as just realized need print out for practical assignment in 15 minutes.

10:01 am: Usain Bolt-worthy sprint to Xerox shop. Take print out while looking at watch every 30 seconds.

10:13 am: Usain Bolt-worthy sprint part 2 up 3 floors to lab.

10:15 am: Teacher arrives. Decides to not check assignment as majority has not done.

10:17 am: Bang head on wall when teacher not noticing.

10:30 am: Teacher gives program to be done for the day. She leaves lab.

10:31 am: Every student Googles code. Mass copy-paste ensues.

12:13 pm: Teacher arrives. Has long ago given up hope we would ever code on our own. Lets us sign attendance and leave.

12:30 pm: Call every (2) friend. Find out neither has come to college. Spend next 30 minutes despairing over the sorry state of my social life.

1:00 pm: Trudge back up for some more torture disguised as lectures.

1:15 pm: Teacher arrives. Already half-asleep.

1:25 pm: Fighting major internal war to keep eyes open.

1:30 pm: Teacher begins asking questions. I begin glancing in neighbor’s books hoping to find answers. Avoid eye-contact at all times.

1:40 pm: Fortunately was not selected as tribute. Strive to focus on remaining lecture.

1:45 pm: I have given up again. My eyes no longer have voluntary muscles. They are closing of their own accord.

2:00 pm: Lecture ends. Time for practical 2.

2:10 pm: Dawdle as much as possible before appearing to be deliberately late.

2:15 pm: Enter practical lab. Half the batch is already in a lecture-induced stupor.

2:20 pm: Teacher instructs us on assignment to be done, no one listens.

2:30 pm: We sit listlessly in front of the computer, hoping she will look at our dead faces and have mercy and let us leave.

3:00 pm: Ponder over the barren wasteland that is my mind right now.

3:10 pm: Question my conscience whether it would really be bad to murder someone.

3:20 pm: Amuse self and others by cracking lame jokes that clearly show that sanity has long left me.

3:40 pm: Teacher returns. Lets us sign attendance and leave.

3:45 pm: Momentary burst of energy on surviving another day in college. Prepare to head home.

4:00 pm: Reach station.


Well, I’ve already been going on for quite a bit, so the remaining joys of my daily life will have to be covered in part 2.

Yes, I know. The wait is unbearable.

If you are a fellow student, or any lifeless soul at a soul-sucking job, who can relate, like and comment and let us share our misery together.

If not, do not make me jealous of your non-boring lifestyle, thank you very much.

Until part 2 then,





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