If the Grim Reaper ever visited.

*A sudden figure dressed in black jeans, boots, black shirt and hoodie appears in a corner in my room, holding a jewelled scythe similar to one Loki has in the Avengers*

Me: Um.. excuse me..I…don’t think you live here.

Him: Damn this bloody China watch. I’m ten minutes early. 

Me: Who are you and why are you here and what the hell is that? 

Him: Didn’t mean to startle you, I usually meet souls who have already realised what has happened. I’m sorry to say this, but I’m the Grim Reaper. I’ve come to take you to the Underworld.

Me: Yeah, right. Disapparate right now or I’m screaming. 

Him (GR): Um excuse me this is supposed to strike terror in your heart. 

Me: Excuse you, but the only terrifying fact is that a random stranger is in my room. MOOOOOOOOOM 

GR: Okay, okay stop. It’s really me. I could give you a glimpse of Hell if you want.

Me: No need, living in it. But last I heard, you roamed around in a cloak with a white, normal scythe not the bejewelled version.

GR: Given the recent overtime I’ve been pulling with all the Aleppo stuff, I demanded a makeover. This fits in this century too, doesn’t it?

Me: It’s basically my everyday wardrobe so yeah, sure.

GR:  I am surprised though. Most of the souls I have seen are upset to leave the blissful, happy, loving human realm. You, on the other hand..Well then if you’re not going to kick up a fuss, shall we leave?

Me: Oh, I’m sorry, you’re going to have to ask my parents first. It’s getting kinda late they might not allow it.

GR: Do what now?

*We go to my parents room*
Me: Hey Mom, Dad, this guy is here to take me to Hell.

Mom: What? Now? It’s 7:30, it’s too late go tomorrow.

GR: Excuse me? Her time of death is 7:35 pm, we need to leave at 7:35 pm.

Dad: So she’ll be going with you?

GR: Yes.

Dad: Very well. So what is it that you do?

GR: I carry souls from the mortal realm to the Underworld. 

Dad: I see. And what about your parents? What do they do? And where do you live? How much do you earn? How much percentage did you get in the 12th?

GR: *stares at me* WHAT?

Me: Well you better hurry you have 3 minutes more.

GR: Well I’m sorry, I usually come after the person has died, but I landed up a bit early- 

Mom: *looking at me* Of course, has to be one of your friends. Never on time. 

Dad: But how does she die?

GR: She gets electrocuted while charging her phone. A unique, freak accident –

Mom: I knew this phone will be the reason of your death. All the time WhatsApp this, Instagram that, Facebook this. And either talking on the phone or watching videos. All the Internet you use up in the house, all of it.

GR: Well it’s actually because the socket was faulty-

Dad: *looking at me* And did you fix it? No. Look at Sharma ji’s house. Not one faulty socket. And here you die because you can’t fix one socket. What kind of an engineer will you be?

Me: *looks at Grim Reaper* You were saying blissful, happy and loving?

GR: Okay, this has been great. Looking forward to collecting your souls too, Mr and Mrs Brown, thank you very much, we’ll take your leave now.

Me: But I still have 30 seconds left.

Mom: Wait you’re going NOW now? Always informing us at the last minute,  always. Would it hurt you to let us know a day before? What if we already made some other plans? When will you grow up and start acting your age-

Me: *looks at Grim Reaper* Okay, forget it I’ll jab a fork in the socket now if that is what it takes, let’s go.

*As Reaper and I disappear*
Mom : Wait, did you take your phone? Don’t keep it on silent!

Dad: Come back soon no place is safe after 10 nowadays!

P.S. by the Grim Reaper:
Hello reader, as you read, I have been currently under a lot of work pressure. However, you could help me out. Please visit the link below to donate towards saving the people of Aleppo, Syria, who are stuck in the midst of a raging conflict that endangers more than 40,000 of them. 

Donate for Aleppo

By donating, you aid towards their rescue, and reduce my workload of collecting more souls. Thank you.

Until next time when I come back to life like in Hindi movies, 




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