School of Thought

Once, the Brain decided to open a school,
Asked all Feelings and Emotions to enroll too,
First came Curiosity, ever eager to discover
Followed by Excitement, the little bugger.

Then Happiness and Contentment came hand in hand,
And other emotions wandered in from no-mans land.
Sympathy found Sorrow hidden in a corner,
Cleant him up, helped him get sober.

Discipline came and everyone ran for cover,
Fun arrived with Joy, his brother.
Humility opened a club, was named the founder,
Ego arrived, asked to be a member.

Humility agreed but then Ego wanted to be named founder,
Egged on by Greed, Jealousy, Hatred and Anger.
Humility stepped down but a mutiny was to break
Justice and Righteousness knew which path to take.

Peace intervened, asked Hope to counsel,
Hope told all a mutiny would be mundane
Better to work together, Affection was pleased.
But Destiny and Fate knew whatever will be will be.

Knowledge came to Wisdom and asked to be considered an equal,
Experience, an elder, said that would be lethal.
Because wisdom knew when knowledge was being used wrong
Whereas Knowledge would have no idea to which side he belonged.

Then Love came in and everyone was in awe,
For they all knew she was the most powerful of them all.
But Depression and Despair stood in a corner and smirked
They knew when Love was rejected they could vanquish her.

Then Laughter and Bravery And Determination gave an all-knowing smile,
Knowing no matter when emotions got into a fight,
When Happiness was lost, when Peace was beaten, when Despair triumphed,
They’d take care of them all one by one.

The Brain realised the school was an open ground,
There would always be conflicts, no emotion would be safe and sound,
But with Hope, Laughter, Bravery and Determination all in the same room,
He felt better, He could keep his cool.

Wrote this almost 3 years ago, and forgot all about it until a friend sent it to me (thanks UK). 

Until next time,




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