A Day at Hogwarts

Hello there.

I’ll be taking over Ellie’s blog for the week, as she requested me to. Apparently, that Potter’s birthday is a big deal in the Muggle world now too. Ellie asked me to record something about Hogwarts every day for a week, to honour Potter. What for, Merlin knows. Anyway, for the sake of friendship and good Muggle relations, I’ve agreed. I will be writing anonymously though, so all you can know about me is I’m from Ravenclaw, fifth year, in Potter’s class for most lessons so hurrah he’ll be featured in my stories too, and friends with Michael Corner and Padma Patil.

So, welcome to Day 1. Now I realize you may not know much about Hogwarts, so today I’ll just be taking you through a typical day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

8 am : I am unceremoniously thrown from my bed to start the day. Apparently, Rowena Ravenclaw believed the best way to wake someone up is to send them flying across the room.

8:30 am : I go down to breakfast with Padma. Michael is probably already at the table with Ginny Weasley. After a breakfast of porridge and toast, we head over to our first class, Charms.

9:00 am : Michael has already lost interest. Honestly, why would that possessed Hat put him in Ravenclaw? Flitwick is one of the best professors we have here. Today he’s talking all about Elemental Charms, and we’re going to be practicing Aguamenti, a water spell.

9:30 am : Padma’s excellent aim has drenched me instead of filling the vase like she was supposed to. Flitwick has excused me to go and change into a dry set of robes. I have the most talented friends.

10:15 am : I arrive at Transfiguration fifteen minutes late. I am explaining to Prof. McGonagall that I took one of the several thousand wrong staircases and ended up opposite a tapestry of trolls somehow, when she’s distracted by Potter and Weasley fooling around and starts admonishing them instead. Well, at least I got off easy.

10:45 am : My pen is refusing to turn into a dagger. If only I can beat Hermione to this, for once.

10 :55 am : Hermione has done it. Meanwhile my pen now has a dagger point instead of a nib, is all.

11:00 am : Michael has got his foot stuck in the trip staircase. You’d think 5 years would have made him remember something. Padma is helping him up. I’m busy laughing.

12 pm : We go for lunch. Potter seems to have received an absurd amount of post. Has he finally started that fanclub then?

12:30 pm : Umbridge has descended upon him like a toad on a fly. Potter is dead.

1 pm : Well I managed to read the interview. Not path-breaking journalism (what else can you even expect from Skeeter) but Potter is a brave guy I must admit. I still hold a grudge against him for getting our second-year exams cancelled though. I had studied EVERYTHING.

1:15 pm : Defense against the Dark Arts is now Read Up About the Dark Arts. This is the third time I’m reading this book now. Padma passes me a note. Cho is apparently back together with Potter. I reply to her note. It reads I DON’T CARE.

2 pm : Herbology is the ickiest subject. The tarantula almost got me today. We learnt the benefits of dragon dung. She didn’t have to show us a sample though. She wants a two-foot essay by Thursday. Michael is already looking at me with his puppy eyes so I know I’m going to have to write his as well.

3 pm : Well finally lessons are over. I’m going to the library to get started with Sprout’s essay.

6 pm : Ah, done finally. Michael can now go ahead and copy mine.

7 pm : Padma’s gone to write a letter to her parents. I’m writing one to mine as well. Been long since I told them about my latest shenanigans.

10 pm : Well, off to sleep it is. Goodnight then. Feel free to ask me any Hogwarts questions in this week! I’ll answer and if I can’t there’s always the library.


Captiosus Puella


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