Valentine’s day at the Forever Alone club.

Well, let me begin by wishing you a happy valentine’s day.  And if you’re single, happy please-remind-me-I’m-single-and-all-alone day.  There are a number of things I hate about this day, and not out of spite since I’m alone, but because I’m a sane, sensible human.  Here’s some of them: 1. The Prequel: Because just celebrating Valentine’s… Continue reading Valentine’s day at the Forever Alone club.


School of Thought

Once, the Brain decided to open a school, Asked all Feelings and Emotions to enroll too, First came Curiosity, ever eager to discover Followed by Excitement, the little bugger. Then Happiness and Contentment came hand in hand, And other emotions wandered in from no-mans land. Sympathy found Sorrow hidden in a corner, Cleant him up,… Continue reading School of Thought


If the Grim Reaper ever visited.

*A sudden figure dressed in black jeans, boots, black shirt and hoodie appears in a corner in my room, holding a jewelled scythe similar to one Loki has in the Avengers* Me: Um.. excuse me..I…don’t think you live here. Him: Damn this bloody China watch. I’m ten minutes early.  Me: Who are you and why… Continue reading If the Grim Reaper ever visited.


When I became Jon Snow.

Once every semester, there will be a time when you will be proud of yourself. You will have completed all pending assignments, done all your practicals, actually attended and paid attention in lectures, and scored decent marks. Then comes along a paper that shakes you to the core, shatters your belief in the Almighty, and… Continue reading When I became Jon Snow.


A Day in the life of a College Student

So recently, we had a time management assignment given to us, for the subject Business Communications and Ethics.  How did it find its way in there? I have no idea either. Anyway, the assignment required us to give a detailed description of how we spent every minute of every day. Now, of course I couldn’t… Continue reading A Day in the life of a College Student


Types of people in a Group Project

It’s been more than a month since I last wrote, and all thanks to 1000  “mini” projects and 20000 assignments. The best part was of course all these projects were group projects and so I had to do the worst thing I have ever done in my life. Talk to people. There is nothing more… Continue reading Types of people in a Group Project