Just Diwali Things

Hey everyone! Hopefully you can hear me over the cacophony of crackers bursting and children shrieking and parents shouting and sparklers fizzling and rockets whooshing, hellooo Diwali. It’s that time of the year when we Indians get a free 4-day license to create as much noise and air pollution, and environmental degradation in the name... Continue Reading →


Valentine’s day at the Forever Alone club.

Well, let me begin by wishing you a happy valentine's day.  And if you're single, happy please-remind-me-I'm-single-and-all-alone day.  There are a number of things I hate about this day, and not out of spite since I'm alone, but because I'm a sane, sensible human.  Here's some of them: 1. The Prequel: Because just celebrating Valentine's... Continue Reading →

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